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Littlebury Homes is a privately owned, family run property development company based in Cambridgeshire.

We specialise in building quality, residential properties — ranging from small developments and apartments, to one-off high specification executive eco-homes.

The same level of meticulous planning and delivery goes into every build.

Unlike some of the other larger house builders, we do not roll out standard house types and designs, each property is unique and is designed to reflect the surroundings in which they stand. The products that we like to use are mainly natural materials, natural slates, handmade clay roof tiles, timber windows and doors, timber cladding system and structural elements. This we feel is reflected in the final elevations of our developments and give them a more traditional feel.



Littlebury Homes has an ethos built around attention to detail, integrity and a personal, professional approach, utilising experience gained over the years to design, create and build houses that make real homes.

Our services include:

  • Planning
  • Design and Build
  • Project Management
  • Contract Build Services

We believe that our innovation and detailed approach results in a far higher specification for the customer than would be found in typical housing developments.

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Design & Build

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Project Management

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Contract Builds

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