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Frequently asked questions


To help with your new property move we have provided answers to some of the questions we frequently get asked. 


What's included in my rental property?

All rental properties include the following:

Kitchen – fitted appliances

  • cooker
  • hob
  • fridge/freezer
  • dishwasher


  • garage (most properties)
  • parking space if no garage

Customer service

  • dedicated phone number for any issues
Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, all rentals require a deposit equal to 6 weeks rent plus the first months rental, prior to moving in.

The deposit will be held in the Deposit Protection Scheme.

How long is my tenancy agreement?

The tenants tenancy agreement is a minimum of 6 months. All tenancy agreements are fixed at 6 months, then after the 6 months the tenancy turns into a rolling tenancy – month to month. We would then require a minimum notice of 1 month.

What is an inventory?

An inventory is a detailed description, including photographs of the condition of the property. The inventory requires signing to reflect that both parties agree with the report.

Are pets allowed in rental properties?

Unfortunately we don’t currently allow any pets in our rented homes.


What should I do if I find a problem with my new home?

All new sold properties have a six month snag period – any issues that arise in this time will be fixed at no cost to the new owner.

You will be provided with a dedicated phone number to report any such issues.

Is my new home covered by a warranty?

Yes, all Littlebury Homes are covered by a 10 year warranty provided by Advantage Home Construction Insurance.

Snagging protocol

Littlebury Homes typically covers snagging defects for a period of 6 months after practical completion but this may vary depending on the nature of the development site in question, the warranty scheme in place and the individual property as they’re all different.

We will provide advance information on our rectification (snagging) policy for each development.

EPC ratings

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate, reflecting the energy efficiency rating of the property. The certificate will be given to you with all the warranties and certifications (building control certificates, etc.) when the property has completed.


What heating system is installed in my new home?

All our new builds use a Air Source Heating System.

This system transfers heat from the outside air to water, which heats your rooms via radiators or underfloor heating. And since they deliver more heat energy than the electrical energy they consume, a air source heat-pump system can cost less to run than a traditional fossil fuel heating system.

Can I buy or rent a property direct from Littlebury Homes?

Yes, our team would be delighted to help with your new home so please get in touch by either calling 01480 462424 or filling in the form on our contact page.

How long has Littlebury Homes been trading?

We are proud that our parent company, Allgood Services, has been trading since January 2001. Littlebury Holdings incorporated on 24 March 2016.

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